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Top Treatments for 2024 — are you offering them?

Goodbye 2023 and hello to new trends of 2024! With aesthetic treatments veering toward new technologies, developing areas of research and alternatives to traditional procedures, what will be the most sought-after treatments in 2024? What will we be seeing more of and what are the benefits of these new innovative treatments?

You might have heard many practitioners talking about the rising popularity of polynucleotides – fragments of fish DNA – for regenerating and strengthening skin.

*We are now offering training in polynucleotides – Croma PhilArt – please see training dates below!

Holistic Wellness

The holistic approach to aesthetics and wellness is paramount, recognising the profound connection between our inner and outer well-being. In aesthetics, it emphasises that beauty extends beyond the surface, addressing emotional well-being and lifestyle choices – resulting in longer lasting and sustainable results.


For Microtoxin treatment, Botulinum toxin type A is injected shallowly, into the skin, in the form of microdroplets to focus on overall skin quality and appearance. From reducing enlarged pore size and controlling oily skin, to improving the appearance of acne, rosacea, and fine lines, microtoxin has a wide range of skin improving benefits.

Body Tweakments

There are many treatments you can have for your face that can also be done on your body. For example, you can treat skin laxity on your abdomen, upper arms and other areas of the body using Profhilo Body. You can firm up bingo-wings or sculpt tums and bums using a range of different muscle-stimulating tech.

Hair Regrowth

There is a host of ways to regrow your hair: from LED light helmets to stimulate hair regrowth, to banking your hair follicles. There are also treatments like Scalp Micropigmentation or Polynucleotides specific to hair regrowth. For example, PhilArt Hair uses polynucleotides injected directly into the scalp to stimulate cells to encourage hair growth and hydration.


Many treatments involve some degree of injury to the skin that requires healing, so the right skincare products post-treatment can help reduce inflammation, soothe skin, and help speed up the healing process. Skin care plays a huge role in in optimising treatment results but is often forgotten about. Patients that look after their skin will accelerate their treatment results because today’s products not only clean the skin but increase cell turnover, stimulate collagen and elastic, and supress pigmentation.

In 2024, we see options like injectables and body contouring moving towards less invasive procedures with lower recovery times, and across the board a focus on holistic wellness and embracing realistic beauty standards.



Wednesday 7th February – Wigmore Medical London
Tuesday 5th March – Cliniva Aesthetics Training Barnsley

If you wish to book onto the training, please call our office on 01213842717, email [email protected] or register your interest here.

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