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Aesthetics Associates (AA) has a growing audience of over five thousand Aesthetic Practitioner customers (to be referred to as ‘practitioner’). They all require a consultation and prescribing service for their patients. A great opportunity for a prescribing professional to earn extra income.

AA’s service is to ‘connect’ our practitioners with a prescribing professional (to be referred to as ‘prescriber’). We take no fee or cut from either party, effectively we find the prescriber work for FREE!

Our point of difference is we do the background checks for the prescriber to ensure they are working safely with the practitioner and to provide a safe and professional service to the patient. We ensure (at the point of connection) the practitioner is a registered medical professional, is trained in aesthetics and is insured accordingly.

To register the prescriber must be live on their medical governing body register (e.g., NMC, GMC, GDC etc), be trained in aesthetics, insured to prescribe for other practitioners, able to complete ‘face to face physical examinations’ with our customers patients, and finally to prescribe non-surgical cosmetic treatments for those patients (if suitable).

Our key requirement of the prescriber is that they adhere to our terms and conditions (which are supplied at registration) which requires all prescriptions to be passed via AA for our customer to buy the prescribed products through our supply services.

Finally, the prescriber when registered can shop through AA for all their own aesthetic product requirements, benefitting from our ‘one stop shop’ format and competitive prices and promotions!

Would you like to join our prescriber register? Click here to complete your registration.

How it Works for the Prescriber:

  1. The Prescriber must register with AA (see link below). Before the registration goes live AA will confirm with the prescriber their consultation charges (this is how we quote to our customers – per patient consultation) and any other relevant details of their services (geographical area covered, minimum fee etc)
  2. By registering the Prescriber is giving permission for AA to contact them if they have customers requiring their services.
  3. AA will contact the prescriber when they have a customer in the prescribers geographic area. AA will communicate the area post code of the customers clinic and relevant details of the services required, and finally confirm with the prescriber their charges for the service required.
  4. The prescriber can accept the work or not. (There is absolutely no pressure from AA). If the prescriber does not respond within 48 hours of the communication AA will contact an alternative prescriber.
  5. If the prescriber agrees to accept the work AA emails the name and mobile number of the practitioner to the prescriber and vice versa the prescribers name and mobile number to the practitioner. It is expected the prescriber either responds to the practitioners calls or contacts the practitioner within 48 hours of the connection.
  6. It is then for the prescriber and practitioner to agree a suitable date and time for the prescriber to conduct a consultation clinic with the practitioners patients. The final fee for this service is agreed between the prescriber and practitioner and payment for the service is usually made on the day of the consultation clinic (again this is arranged between the prescriber/practitioner, AA has no involvement in this transaction).
  7. At the agreed clinic, the prescriber will complete a physical, face to face examination and medical consultation with the patient/s. If the patient is medically suitable the prescriber will write a prescription for the most suitable patient specific treatment
  8. Finally, preferably immediately following the consultation clinic, as per our T&C’s the prescriber uploads a copy of the prescriptions to the AA website or emails copies to enable the practitioner to order the product for next day delivery if required.

Would you like to join our prescriber register? Click here to complete your registration.

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