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Terms & Conditions

  • If connected by Aesthetics Associates (AA) to a registered AA prescriber (prescriber) all prescriptions raised by that prescriber for the patients of the registered AA customer (customer) must be purchased through AA without fail.
  • At the point of connection AA will have audited the medical registration, aesthetic training and independent medical insurance of both parties, but following that point cannot be responsible for any changes.
  • If on the extremely rare occasion that the customer cannot get hold of the prescriber within 2 weeks of the connection, AA will do another search to locate another prescriber.
  • AA cannot be responsible if the fees charged by the prescriber change (please note AA take no cut of the fee charged by the prescriber and are not involved in the transaction for their services with the AA customer).
  • If the AA customer is unsatisfied with the connected prescriber, AA will investigate this on an individual basis, and if pertinent AA will conduct another prescriber search.
  • AA cannot be involved in any financial dispute between a customer and connected prescriber. In addition, AA cannot be involved in any medical dispute between a customer and connected prescriber (unless lawfully required). Both parties should follow the guidelines of their medical governing body and any other laws applying to keep their medical registration safe.
  • AA cannot guarantee to secure a prescriber connection every time.
  • AA will share elements of your Personal Data with our pharmacy partners to fulfil our and our suppliers’ legitimate interests. These legitimate interests include dispensing orders, ensuring product safety, fulfilling reporting requirements with regards to faulty products/recalls and supplying technical assistance to dispense orders and more.
Prescribers Only
  • The prescriber agrees that any prescriptions raised for the patients of a connected AA customer are purchased by the customer via AA.
  • The prescriber gives permission for AA to contact them regarding customers requiring their services, between 9am to 5pm workdays.
  • The prescriber has no obligation to accept any work offered by AA.
  • The prescriber will follow the AA procedure regarding the processing of original prescriptions (procedure issued at point of registration).
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