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Prescriber Guide

Digital Prescription – Signing a Connected Practitioner Prescription Request


  1. Once your connected practitioner has sent you a prescription signing request, go to
  2. Click ‘Login’ (or ‘My Account’ if logged in already) in the header navigation bar
  3. In your account section, click into the ‘Signing Requests’ section
  4. On the Signing Requests page, find the associated practitioner entry and click the associated ‘View & Sign’ button
  5. Read the ‘Prescriber Terms and Conditions’ details and click the ‘Agree and continue’ button once you’re happy
  6. Carefully make sure that the patient names, products, dosage instructions and dates match with your face-to-face consultation records. If you are unhappy, please do not continue and contact your connect practitioner immediately to explain the necessary changes to be made
  7. Review the prescription declaration text below and once happy click the ‘Sign Prescription’ button  
  8. The prescription request is now with our pharmacy partner. Our Customer Service team will update you of any associated issues, or once the order has been completed and shipped.
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