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Prescriber Guide

How to connect to a partner Practitioner

1. Firstly, you will need to confirm your unique Prescriber Code. You can do this by logging into your account and heading to the main dashboard in the ‘My Account’ section.  
2. In your main dashboard there is a section reading ‘My Partners’ click on this and you will then be able to see your unqiue Prescriber Code.
3. You can send your code to your Practitioner by clicking ‘Send code to a Practitioner’, entering their email address and pressing ‘Send’
4. Your Practitioner will then receive that code via email and can request for your accounts to be connected
5. You will receive a connection request in the ‘My Partners’ section of your dashboard. If you are happy, you can select ‘Approve’. If unhappy, then you can select ‘Reject’
6. Once approved, you can add patients and prescriptions to your partner Practitioners account

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