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Practitioner Guide

Placing an order

Go to
2. Click ‘Login’ (or ‘My Account’ if logged in already) in the header navigation bar
3. Click ‘Shop’ in the header navigation bar
4. Browse or search for your product
5. If given the option on the Order Type dropdown, select if the item is Non-Prescription or Prescription. If you choose Prescription, you will need to select a previous Patient Name, or create a new one
6. Next, enter the number of products needed and click ‘Add to Basket’
7. Continue to browse for any further products needed
8. When ready, click the Shopping Basket icon at the top of the screen
9. Check that you have ordered the correct quantity of product for each patient, decide your shipping method, and click ‘Proceed to checkout’
10. Check your billing details are correct
11. If your shipping address differs from your billing address, select ‘Deliver to different address?’ and enter details
12. If you are ordering any prescription items, you will need to select the relevant prescriptions on file, or select that ‘Prescriptions are already on file with Aesthetics Associates’. Please make sure there is a prescription for all named patients.
13. If given the option, select your payment method
14. Click ‘Submit Order’
15. Our Customer Service team will review the order and you will be informed if approved or rejected

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