Prescribing Aesthetic Professionals

Connecting you with Aesthetic Practitioners

Aesthetics Associates has an audience of hundreds of Aesthetic Practitioners requiring a consultation and prescribing service for their patients.

We ensure the aesthetic practitioner is a registered medical professional, trained and practicing in aesthetic treatments, have recent CPR and Anaphylaxis training and are insured accordingly.

Our role is to connect our non-prescribing members to a network of prescribers trained in aesthetics, who can complete ‘face to face physical examinations’ for patients and to prescribe (if suitable) non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

In addition, our aim is to help and support, through our network, any of our non-prescribing members to progress and gain qualification to become prescribers in their own right.

If you are interested in supporting our service either as a professional prescriber or to support or mentor our non-prescribers towards their prescriber qualification, please register with us below or for more information use the Contact Form to find out if it is right for you.


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