Came into effect 23rd July 2012

Prescriber for my aestheic clinic | Botox, Juvederm, Demal Fillers
Non Prescribing
Aesthetic Professionals

Connecting you with Prescribing Professionals

Aesthetics Associates connects its non-prescribing medical members to a network of prescribers trained in aesthetics, who can complete ‘face to face physical examinations’ for patients before prescribing non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

For you and your patient's reassurance we ensure the prescribing professional is a registered medical professional, trained and practicing in aesthetic treatments and are insured accordingly.

Aesthetics Associates provides a service whereby Aesthetic Practitioners can work in accordance with their regulatory body and provide a safe and professional service to their patients.

How it works:

  1. Call the booking hotline (note - you must be registered with Aesthetics Associates).

  2. Give your name, location and suitable date/s for your proposed clinic.

  3. We will find a prescriber for your clinic at a time and suitable venue agreeable for all parties.

  4. At the agreed clinic the prescriber will complete the physical, face to face examination and medical consultation with the patient.

  5. If the patient is medically suitable the prescriber will write a prescription for the most suitable patient specific treatment.

  6. The named prescribed treatment is dispatched with a copy of the prescription and written direction.

  7. Practitioner completes treatment for patient as per the prescription and direction.