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Aesthetic Professionals

Connecting you with Prescribing Professionals

Aesthetics Associates connects non-prescribing aesthetic professionals to prescribing professionals trained in aesthetics, who can complete ‘face to face physical examinations’ for patients before prescribing non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

For you and your patient's reassurance we ensure the prescribing professional is a registered medical professional, trained in aesthetic treatments and has malpractice insurance.

Aesthetics Associates provides a service whereby Aesthetic Practitioners can work in accordance with their regulatory body and provide a safe and professional service to their patients.

How it works:
1.    Register with us using the link below and if you are ready to be connected with a prescriber complete the prescriber request section (Please do not complete this section if you are not ready to go live with your insurance, we cannot connect you without live insurance, however, you can register without starting a prescriber search).
2.    If you are already registered, call us on 0121 384 2717 or email us on, supply your name, the post code of the venue for the consultation clinic, the number of patients for consultation and anything else that might help us find the right prescriber for you. 
3.    We will then endeavour to find the most suitable prescriber for you based on the information provided and then connect you with that prescribing professional.
4.    You then speak directly to the prescriber to agree a suitable date and time to conduct the consultations and payment for their services. (Aesthetics Associates has no part in the service provided by the prescriber and takes no percentage of their charges).  
5.    At the agreed clinic,  the prescriber will complete a physical, face to face examination and medical consultation with the patient/s.
6.    If the patient is medically suitable the prescriber will write a prescription for the most suitable patient specific treatment.
7.    As per our Terms and Conditions, you then place your order for these treatments through Aesthetics Associates as and when you require them.
8.    The prescribed treatment is dispatched to you for you to administer the treatment to your patient.